No, $KISS is not some new hot stock I discovered on CNBC or Reddit. KISS, a US Navy principle from the 1960’s stands for “keep it simple, stupid”, and that is what I am planning to do with my investments from here on out.

Unlike most people in my age demographic, I was never much of a stock picker or a crypto chaser. I invested a mere $20 into BTC in Jan of 2018 just for fun, and other than a few dumb stock picks over the course of my journey, I’ve been pretty damn good at sticking to what I know, sticking to consistency, and sticking to my long term plan.

I’m deciding to maintain and two fund portfolio, where I invest 85% of my money into $VOO and the other 15% into $VXUS

$VOO is the S&P 500, something I have been investing in gradually for 3 years

$VXUS is international stocks from emerging markets, the Europe region, and the Pacific region. among others. Big names include AliBaba, Tencent, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Toyota, and Unilever.

I decided to pick an asset allocation that suits my goals, minimizes risk, and still grows at the great rate every year. My research has told me that decades where US stocks have outperformed the world have often been followed by decades where they have under-performed. There have also been decades in the past where, out of the ten largest companies in the world by market-cap, the majority of them have not been American companies. These reasons are why I’m keeping a small percentage of my portfolio in international stocks. It’s always good to diversify, and though I strongly believe American companies will stay at the top for decades more, I think having some exposure to internationals is a great move too.

In some areas of life, I think boring is a good thing. No one wants a boring personality, boring friend circle, or boring hobbies. But I’ve observed that certain people I admire, certain parts of their life are boring on purpose.

Warren Buffet, the best investor of all time, has most of his money in companies like DaVita Dialysis (blood treatment), Kraft-Heinz (cheese and ketchup), and Moody’s (credit rating). He made a lot of his money in the insurance business with GIECO. All of these investments are incredibly boring, but the returns are everything but.

Floyd Mayweather, the richest athlete of all time, despite all of his Rolls-Royce’s, Bugatti’s, watches, chains, mansions, strip clubs, and everything else in between, fights in the most boring style possible; a defense heavy approach where he throws far less punches than his opponent. Many hate watching him fight, but they tune in anyway, allowing Mayweather to amass career earnings of 800 million dollars.

I plan to buy one share a month of both funds whenever I am able to, and grow my money over the long term

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